Kim Kardashian Height Weight Body Statistics

“Kim has a size 4 waist and size 10 bottom, so she often has to buy a size up and have jeans taken in at the waist for a snug fit. She’s only 5ft 2in, so they’re often taken up a few inches.

I'm not sure what us women are supposed to weigh.

Kim Kardashian’s Jeans Tailor — Has Size Altered To Fit Her Butt: Part of the process is having the year-old stylist on hand to make alterations whenever the couple sees fit.
Kim Kardashian’s Jeans Tailor — Has Size Altered To Fit Her Butt: Part of the process is having the year-old stylist on hand to make alterations whenever the couple sees fit.
Khloe Kardashian loves to show off her size four body.. And Tuesday was no different as the year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians star posed in a skintight black dress and black lace-up.
Kim Kardashian’s Jeans Tailor — Has Size Altered To Fit Her Butt: Part of the process is having the year-old stylist on hand to make alterations whenever the couple sees fit.
Kim Kardashian is quite endowed on the chest area as well and wears bra size 34D. This goes a long way to enhance her gorgeous looks and sexy appeal. She wears dress size 8(US) and shoe size (7).
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We all know Kim Kardashian has been working on her fitness lately, continuously posting her workout routines on social media and constantly keeping us updated on her weight loss progress.. This.

But then I am 52 years old. I don't know if age makes a difference here. I guess i believe that they were actually size 27 jeans, but HOLY! Did you see her yanking and pulling on those things?! I wouldn't be able to breathe if I had to work that hard to pull on my jeans, stretch or not, those puppies were waaay too tight, she'd be more comfortable in a size up. We all know she's got more generous proportions in the posterior area, who cares what size her jeans are!

OMG I am laughing my a— off. Kim weighs so much more than that, I've seen her IRL and she is short but she's got at lot of fat. And I am lbs and I wear a size 26, so that just can't be true. Look at her a— she is at least a size !!!

Her measurements aren't that far off from my wife's. And she has the same problem, with people always assuming she's skinnier than she is. Someone that's 5'1 is going to carry their weight differently than someone who is 6'1.

I think she's telling the truth. WTF, I don't get why everyone is doubting that she's No way in hell she weighs , as some of you claim. Hell, I weigh and I'm five inches taller than her, and exept for my butt I look like I'm pretty much the same size. Also, I don't get why she needs to justify herself so much. I was skeptical about the but hell if she says thats what she is then FINE who cares I dont buy her clothes.

You sound like another jealous ironing-board-with-a-face flat a— woman to me. Would you call a woman fat just because she had big fake t—s? So why are you calling Kim fat just because she has a big probably fake ass? I agree, kim has a beautiful face and I favor her look to any anorexic woman..

I dont see whats so hard to understand. Lets go back to the t—s comparison. You wouldnt say a woman was fat just because she had big t—s, so why would you say shes fat just because she has a big ass? If youve ever seen an actual fat woman naked, or even in a bathing suit, youd know that most fat women have completely flat asses. Being fat doesnt make your a— big and round, it just makes it gross and saggy. Just like how lots of fat women have small saggy breasts.

I thought the silver paint pic was a joke at first…!! It IS possible to have a nice butt and still be smaller than Kim. What do you mean fat people should go to Africa???.. I hate the way people think africans are ugly and always fat.. Go to Africa first I live in Nigeria btw and then you can judge.. From an African-American standpoint, she does have chicken legs. Especially in proportion to her upper body. A bigger butt doesn't always mean bigger thighs it should if it's a real butt. And since we know Kim has a fake one, it's what makes her thighs look every skinnier.

Body-wise, the kardashian girls are built like their mother with a big upper body, as in average-sized to heavier boobs, a gut, or at least an appearance of a gut because of their lower-halves, narrow hips and skinny, chicken legs. You are 6 inches bigger than her in the chest, 3 inches bigger than her in the waist, and 1. All of that could easily account for the difference in weight.

But who cares, shes fine as s— and thats all that really matters. No man is looking at the size of the jeans, theyre looking at the size of the a— in the jeans. I doubt if she has an implant…thats the only way i would consider it "fake". If she simply had fat injections or transfered fat from lets say her stomach to butt, then its not fake. My ex girlfriend had fat moved from stomach and waist to butt…and there was nothing fake about it… That would be like someone gaining weight fat in their stomach or arms or legs and calling it fake.

Its all for show anyways…no matter what type of enhancement people get…breast implants, weaves, nails, eyelashes…. Well, I am 5 '2, And my measurements are , and I had a baby 3 months ago. My mneasurements used to be prepreg, but yeah…And I used to be exactly.

And when I was lbs a before that, my measurements were pretty much exactly like hers. I think give or take an inch. So its very possible. Although, her jeans…a bit tight…if you cant breathe getting into them and it takes 10 minutes to peel them off…you need a size bigger.

I dont believe for one second that she is ! And im not hating because I am pounds…. I have never lied about my weight either… there is no possible way that her measurements are that of a victorias secret model…. Her hips are over 40 inches and her waist is like 30 inches.

Also her height looks shorter too! Id put Kourtney at not Kim! I'm 5'3'' and I weigh pounds and I wear a size 25, and I'm only a bit taller and lighter than her. I also fing it strange that a woman has to justify her weight, whats the big deal if she's lbs or lbs. I am 5 inches taller than her and lbs if you do the math my bmi is around 21, i also wear a size 27 and my measurements are almost the exact measurements as kim!

I have the same problem with the booty being flattened by non-stretchy jeans or barely being able to get it in there! I don't really see how that weight is possible. I am 5'7, weight lbs, and I measure at a 36D, 26, My largest asset is my bottom, graced with an apple bottom. After delivering her child, North, she was able to quickly regain her former sexy self within a very short time.

In her world, being in shape and having the right weight is the only way to pull the crowd and remain popular. But what really has many people obsessed with Kimye is her well-defined waistline which measures only 26 inches. This not only makes her look stunning and sexy but also has many women wishing to be her and men drooling at her figure.

Her good looks and curvaceous figure have seen her grace many magazines, shows, gala nights and beauty products.

When the name Kim Kardashian or Kim West or Kimye is mentioned, one aspect that comes to the minds of many people is her voluptuous figure. In fact, she quickly rose to fame courtesy of her behind butt that draws a lot of attention. Current statistics put her whips plus her butt at 42 inches cm. This will certainly be notice against a waist as a small as 26 inches and a height of 5ft 3inches.

The large hip section, small waist, and a bust of 95 inches give Kim a figure that makes her among the sexy and curvaceous women in Hollywood. Kim Kardashian is quite endowed on the chest area as well and wears bra size 34D. More women should try to look like her or just accept the body type they have.

My female cousin is about the same height weight as you she is lbs and when lift her up she feels heavy, she has solid muscular legs.

But its a sexy weight for a woman. Bet you have good strong legs also. I bet all the meanies calling her fat and disgusting have never had a stomach as flat as hers. She is fat and looks like an elephant.

Jennifer Lawrence is 61kg apparently so i cant see how this hobbit is 3kg heavier with that body. Jennifer Lawrence is tall. Kim Kardashian is a lot shorter. Read a book on it before you talk about stuff you know nothing about.

This is why so many white americans have eating disorders. They think people like kim are fat. I can safely bet kim is within normal bmi if we knew her real weight, and because she has no belly fat, will not likely develop diabetes or other diseases related to weight. She looks like she weighs at the most. Im with the same figure and a beautiful face, and I have to fend off the guys. So to say is fat is ridiculous and not based on reality. Enjoy your eating disorder and scrawny ass: Hi, i think she is weight about lbs after giving birth, because she looks more slim before had a baby.

Her pregnant weight can be lbs but search kim kardashian and update her pictures and lbs please.. Hi, just wanted to say to all the people that posted all the negative comments, that there is help out there for people with eating disorders, there are many websites you can check out to get some help bc you clearly need it. Jealousy and hate are feelings that can be solved through therapy, and hopefully eventually you will learn to accept and love yourselves as well as others.

I truly feel for you people. As for the ones who made realistic and respectful comments, congratulations! You are healthy minded people and you should be proud. She makes most women look downright homely. Kim weighs no less then How is she a 32d?

Her back measurement is a 36, I am a 32d and my boobs are half the size of hers! Oh shut up haters!! She is not fat at all! Buy the way she is 5 feet 2 inches cm and 53 kg. Her waist is definitely not Boy she sure gets around. She is way heavier than pounds. I read on another site she weighs She may even weigh less than what is on here.

At least half of you wish you either had her body, money or fame. Stop hating on her!! My whole life I never believed a perfect 10 existed until I saw Kim. Now i realize it can reach 12! I believe she is ! She is not skinny nor fat she looks healthy. She represents healthy moms!! I think that Kim K. I had food disorder all my life. But one day and made a dream and Jesus was in it.

It was the revelation of my life, I know He exist for real! Since that dream all the spiders in my mind were gone lol! My measurement is , so my waist and my hip measurements are close to hers but my butt is not her size. Kim is nothing less than Drop-Dead Gorgeous.

Her skin is flawless. Her curves are intense. She definitely has a pretty face……now. Her before pics are kinda scary lol! She is fat according to the bmi chart. A beautiful girl, yes but overweight.

She is a classic pear shape who got bum implants to market herself, Also breast implants. No way she is the weight listed here. More like pounds. I would drown in her clothes. Part of the issue is celebs lying about weight.

Kim Kardashian Weight and Waist

Kim Kardashian was named as the worst dressed person in by PETA for wearing fur. Kim is the aunt of Mason Dash Disick and Penelope Scotland Disick. She does not like to take alcoholic drinks. Kim Kardashian is quite endowed on the chest area as well and wears bra size 34D. This goes a long way to enhance her gorgeous looks and sexy appeal. She wears dress size 8(US) and shoe size (7). Kim Kardashian, who says she wears a UK size 14 (US size 10), would probably have worn a size 18 (US size 14) dress in the Seventies, according to the guideline.