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We build rugged tactical gear for top athletes competing in OCR, trail running and outdoor endurance events. We believe we were all made to get outside and get dirty. We believe obstacle racing is meant to unleash everyone’s extreme inner-athlete, and we’re proud to supply the gear that helps make it happen.

If it wasn't for the drastically increased performance when it comes to traction, there would be only a minimal amount of incentive to purchase trail running shoes instead of simple road running shoes.

Men’s Health dermatology advisor Adnan Nasir, M.D., recommends this option from Men Science. You can also try YouVee’s Sunscreen Wipes for a more easily portable alternative., $
Mens Running Accessories. products. Enhance your performance with our extensive range of men's running accessories including socks, gloves, water bottles, reflective gear and more. Choose from your favourite, top quality running brands such as Karrimor, Nike and Garmin to find what you need so you can take to the road in .
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Running Gear and Accessories for Men and Women Whether you're an avid morning jogger or are hitting the gym for the first time in years, we've rounded up the best running gear for every skill level. From sneakers and leggings, to treadmills and jogging strollers, we .
Men's high-performance workout and fitness apparel engineered with world-class odor fighting technology. Shop now to find the most comfortable gear that lasts.
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Support Running Superior cushioning and support features for runners that overpronate roll inward. Lightweight Running Lightweight and low profile running shoes.

Competition Running Fast and built for speed, on the road or track. Not sure which shoe is right for you? Try the Shoe Finder. Neutral Running Superior cushioning for runners that don't need added support.

Sale Shoes Sale Clothing. At that point, the last thing you want is to waste energy by having your hands slip and send you reaching for the ground. The latest way to get a natural caffeine boost comes in tablet form. One Voke Tab delivers 77mg of green tea caffeine, percent of your daily dose of Vitamin C from acerola cherries with some organic guarana berry to help with mental focus. The texture is bit chalky, but the smooth and subtle boost it delivered was a winner—and a tab has just two calories.

Ultrarunner, mountain adventurer and Buff brand ambassador Anton Krupicka helped design this quick-drying reversible cap.

Insulated on the body and arms to keep you warm during a run and breathable all over to dump extra heat as you get moving, the cozy Mistrala has ruching at the collar and on the back for fashionable bonus points. Give your water a flavorless, toothy boost with additional calories and plenty of electrolytes to help you power through longer workouts.

Each two-tablet serving contains 40 calories, 50mg of sodium, calcium and magnesium and mg of potassium. Add to plain water, your liquid of choice or to a bottle of Nuun, of course. Fill the rinse kit from the nearest spigot for a pressurized, no pump and no battery shower. It holds two gallons of water and sprays for about three minutes.

Carrying your own cup, required in many European races and an increasing number of U. The loop hold makes drinking easy and also allows you to hang it on your pack, although its built to withstand being collapsed and shoved in a pocket, waistband or bra too. Mud, rain, snow and the like will help ruin a great pair of suede running shoes in an instant, so always consider your materials and how much you are willing to spend on trainers that may not last longer than a year.

For those that like to stick to the confines of a gym, you have the potential of utilising your running trainers as a daytime option — if you look after them properly — although I like to keep a spare pair specifically for working out. In terms of clothing, there is now a large choice of technical garments that are designed with sport and fitness in mind, such as running gear that is both light and insulating for cold weather work outs, and water-resistant outerwear that is thin and light enough to be suitable for a run.

Luckily, many brands have embraced this concept and designed pieces that are also great looking — Christopher Raeburn is one such designer, who has become renowned for his boundary-pushing outerwear.

Of course, technical fabrics are not a necessary requirement for working out, especially if you are more of a casual runner. A sweater and hoody can be just as effective, depending on the air temperature and your personal preferences.

As for bottoms, you obviously have the choice between shorts or trousers, dependent on preference, weather and location. Not only that, they are now a legitimate wardrobe consideration for modern males, who are choosing to integrate them into casual daytime outfits which play with shape, silhouette and formality. Of course, there are also technical options for those that are serious about pushing themselves and achieving personal bests.

Running tights and lightweight trousers are available, with Nike currently producing some of the best performing versions on the market. Finally, for those looking to put a fashion slant on their workout clothing, try these previously published FashionBeans articles:. Below are a collection of images that have been taken from a variety of brand campaigns and lookbooks over recent seasons.

All are more focused on a sports inspired aesthetic, proving the range of options that are available to you when dressing for a run or workout:. Other important options to consider when choosing running gear are accessories and technology. From heart rate monitors to pedometers and fuel bands, gadgets can not only enhance your running experience but also improve your results by allowing you to more accurately monitor your performance and stamina etc.

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