Indo Western Tunics for a Modish Look The fashion trend of Indo western dresses is scaling up high. Today, the market is filled with aplenty of options in Indo Western dresses, especially Indo Western tunics that render a modern look, while retaining the ethnic quotient of the attire.

Size 18 - 20 Chest: That is a really good point. If you are wearing tight tops like in the 4th pic, then use a jacket.

Womens Tunics & Long Shirts & Tops Tunics help you achieve that effortlessly chic and flattering look. Wear a beautiful tunic with jeans and heels for a dressed up look, or go more casual by teaming your tunic with leggings and flats.
Long Sleeve Tunic Tops. Crew neck tees. Pullover sweaters. Button up shirts. Wear one to work, on an evening out or during a casual weekend – whenever you need something stylish and sophisticated. They look especially chic when worn with leggings or tapered pants that balance out the shirt’s flowing looseness with more structure on.
Ladies Fashion Tunics, Women's Leggings and Jeggings at Cleo in regular and petite.
Find long tops to wear with leggings at ShopStyle. Shop the latest collection of long tops to wear with leggings from the most popular stores - all in. Womens Long Sleeve Tops Top brands For long tops to wear with leggings To Boot long tops to wear with leggings.
Long Sleeve (12) Neckline Cowl Neck (1) Tunic Tops. Have you tried our latest tunics? The tunic is the perfect top. casual and chic, with just the right amount of boho beauty. The tunic has a lot going for it. Women of all ages can wear one comfortably and confidently. While other styles may cycle in and out of fashion, tunics always.
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I love leggings too, I wear them with long shirts, tunics or short dresses. Not that I wore leggings in the 80s (I'm just a baby in that decade), but I totally agree with you jeannie, I also don't like the fashion faux pas that comes with leggings - it is not nice to look at from all angles!

If not, the direct link works too! Holy cow, thanks for using my referral link guys. I just got a bunch of emails. I guess it's going to be time to buy myself something nice soon! Thanks, this is exactly what I'm looking for. I've searched for tunic elsewhere and just get some old lady stuff. Guess I just need to look at the right stores.

I already had a zulily account from looking for some kids stuff a while ago. I see them all the time on there, so I'd say it's a great place to watch. I rarely see them in physical stores, which I think is too bad. Check out Soma- they have stores but also online.

They have lots of tunics an along sweaters, etc. You could also wear long cardigans to cover your self around the back, especially if there's a cute top you still wanna wear but it's a bit short to be paired just with leggings!

Jumper dresses that end mid-thigh are also really good for covering yourself and pairing with leggings, as they're often a chunky knit so they hide all other lumps and bumps FatFace in the UK are really good for these, especially in winter. Fellow mom of two here and this is what I have started wearing lately too! I had a little luck at old navy with some cute tunics.

I was just doing a search on Amazon for "long tunics" because I love leggings but hate when you can see the crotch in front. I've found one or two at Target, and I have one from Old Navy, but I do see the hi-lo hems more often.

There's a brand called Piko - tons of colors and sleeve lengths. They're looser in the body and then tighter in the sleeve. They have loads of long tops and jumpers specifically for wearing over leggings.

Have a look in their "basics" section. I assumed it was more for teens. I'll check it out. I swear half my clothes are from there haha.

If you look up "longline" or "tunic" on Forever Also, depending on how much you were willing to spend, Modcloth has a lot of really cute tunics, including a couple plaid ones that I'm planning on snatching up. I've only ever been in that store once and just breezed through. What I saw was really inexpensive. Are the clothes there really low quality? Modcloth is hit or miss and you can probably estimate quality based on price. Dresses for example don't typically come lined.

Nothing major that would put me off of them but something to consider depending on the piece your looking for and how long you want to own it. It's not too terrible! Some of their stuff is made of cheaper material, but for the most part, it's pretty decent.

They even have some pricier lines out now of fancier stuff. If you're worried about ordering from them online, I believe they have a one-month return policy for online orders. Also, you can check out customer reviews of the clothing on their site to see what other people think.

I often pair mine with scandalously short shorts and mini skirts. Unfortunately I'm wearing them to work, so I need something more polished. But this is a great idea for the weekend.

In that case, check out just regular dresses over leggings. My standard wardrobe for work is yoga pants, some sort of dress, and optional cardigan or sweater right over the top of the dress. I also throw in legwarmers if its really cold outside.

So if I get too cold I can wear a lot and then in the office if its too hot I can drop layers as needed. Modcloth has a ton of tunics that I am jonesing for to go with my leggings and I also have luck at Nordstrom Rack.

I have the same problem as you trouble finding tops that are long in the front too. And I just found some great basic long sleeve tees that are long in both the front and the back at Nordstrom.

I bought them in three colors! I hope people take your tips with them the next time they are out shopping for leggings. Get it right, ladies. Print out Jeannieinabottle's tips and tape them to your full length mirror to make sure you follow the rules of leggings to a "T". You know the correct way to wear leggings!

Thanks for sharing with everyone. That way, anyone that is in doubt can read how you wear them and do the same. I wear black leggings in the summer at times, but with long, stylish tops and nice accessories to match. I love them as they are comfortable and gives me freedom of movement. Yes, I do think a warning label might help out people buying leggings.

Maybe then they would understand how to wear them correctly. And no, you are not alone at all with your opinion on leggings I do also agree with you on stores having more long top options. Sometimes I buy a long top, yet it shrinks after one wash! No wonder they go out of fashion. Maybe they should come attached with a warning! I can't believe the sights I see walking around the mall and even in the work place.

Thanks for speaking up on this subject. I thought it was me not being open minded! It would be nice to have more long tops in the stores to choose from though. Oh Jennifer, you've opened up a whole new subject. I've actually debated this myself as to whether yoga pants are leggings, and if so, do different rules apply to them? I have been known to wear yoga pants and not keep my rear end covered.

However, since they are thicker, I think this is more acceptable. I am honestly not sure. I am considering investigating this subject further for a future hub.

Thanks for the vote up and for the comment! I guess I consider my yoga pants to be a part of the legging family. They're a staple for my around the house mommy look. I didn't wear many leggings when they were in fashion in the 80's and they're not any easier to find now.

For them to be long enough I need a 35" inseam. A top that is long enough to cover my bottom is just as much trouble. I'll wear leggings under ski pants or around the house, but I do wear yoga pants to the grocery store sometimes.

When you see people there in their mismatched pajamas and house shoes I don't feel like I've fallen too far off the fashion mark. Thanks for sharing your fashion tips. Voted up and sharing! Thanks for the votes up! Leggings are so cute if worn the right way. Thanks for helping promote my hub. Voted up up and up! I love leggings - my favorite look is my black leggings with ankle boots - long shirt and cute vest! Saiorse - Wow, thank you for being brave enough to admit you are one of the people that shows off without the tunic!

It is not necessarily the panty lines that offends people though Some things are just not meant to be seen by everyone. But thank you for stepping up and admitting you proudly wear your leggings without the long shirt. I see this look everyday, so I know there are people out there doing it. I hate to admit that I am old enough to have worn leggings, in the 's in high school.

Back then, we never thought about pantylines, and I have to admit that I showed more than my share, in grey, and white leggings back then!! With the fashion trends coming back to tight, unforgiving leggings, showing every little 'evil' bit of the chocolate that we adore, why hide all of the soft, cuddly parts, under tunics?

My Fiancé loves when I wear tight leggings, with a visible pantyline! I am happy you both agree. I am hoping to force everyone to wear leggings the right way so not to offend the public. Thanks for reading and for the comments! Jeannieinabottle, Great legging tips! You have made some suggestions that will be helpful to many! Leggings are wonderful and can be "flattering" when worn tastefully Totally agree with your comments - leggings can be very flattering if worn the right way!

I am glad you are on board with me on this one. I believe improper use of leggings is what ruined the fad the first time around. They are so comfortable and it is a shame that people don't get it. Everyone must stop abusing the look and wear some long sweaters.

My eyes can't take it much more! My brother and I were discussing a campaign to ban skinny jeans; I added leggings to the ban because I am distraught nearly everytime I leave my house. The fashion police needs to be ever present on this matter!

What I've seen is downright undignified and uncivilized! Yes, I hope with this advice we can keep the leggings trend going. They are just so comfortable and affordable.

I have seen some really scary leggings fashions out there. I suppose some people are not taking my advice. Thanks for reading and voting my hub up! Great hub Jeannie and here's hoping it will give longer life to our wonderful and 'forgiving' leggings. I do agree with everything you have said about wearing leggings wrongly - omg the sights you see out on the street is vomit inducing!!! The sad part about it, is that I'm sure these women think they look good - but the opposite is true!!

Well, I am glad we agree on this. I was sure someone was going to insist wearing leggings without a tunic or dress is OK, but everyone is on the same page that comments. It is interesting that I still see folks doing this though.

Maybe they are not reading this hub. I love leggings too, I wear them with long shirts, tunics or short dresses. Not that I wore leggings in the 80s I'm just a baby in that decade , but I totally agree with you jeannie, I also don't like the fashion faux pas that comes with leggings - it is not nice to look at from all angles!

I am glad you read this hub then. I certainly hope you've at least been wearing the leggings as pants. I hope you did not mistaken them for a hat! I am embarrassed to say that I have been wearing leggings all wrong. In fact, I'm pretty sure I was the cause of it's disappearance in the early 90s Thank you for helping me put the right leg ging forward in this regard.

Thanks for reading and for sharing some leggings memories. I also had leggings back in the day and I still have a couple of pairs. I can even fit into to them; they just don't look exactly the same on me now. I would say they are not quite a flattering as they once were. Just recently got back into leggings. The last time I wore them was, well, when you said they were popular too scared to say the year.

And the only reason I've put them on was because I got myself couple of dresses which tend to "travel up my legs" and look a bit I love your hub, made me travel back in time and gave me more courage to jump into my leggings.

Yes, I loved the way you described stretchy leggings as forgiving! Thanks for reading and for the comment. I really like leggings since they are very forgiving pants. You can gain or lose a few pounds, but they will just stretch along with you.

Leggings can definitely be hard to grasp, but I think when they're worn properly they're a great option. Thanks for the Hub!

Yes, short shirts and leggings are not a good look. Most people agree with me on this subject, yet when I walked through the mall yesterday, I saw so many people with that look. I guess I just have to try to reach one person at a time. Thanks for reading and for the comment! I never do that before with the short shirts and leggings together as I find it an uneasy and impolite way of match I am shocked at how many people I see in public wearing short shirts and leggings together.

It is usually not a pretty sight. You are right - leggings are intended for short dresses and sweater dresses. Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment. Thanks for the hub! I adore leggings, especially now that I'm pregnant again, but they are a way to make short dresses and sweater dresses work. I don't think I could even wear a short shirt and leggings around the house! Yes, there are some things best left to the imagination.

Thanks for the votes and the comment! I love my leggings and you have it right on! Leggings ARE for under tunics and long shirts! Thanks for a good hub filled with good advice! Voted up and useful! Some of their shoes are cute though. Yes, perhaps a famous actress then. You are allowed to be curvy if you are an actress.

Not likely to become a super model. The poor girl is too endowed and curvy. They are all stick thin and boy straight. Maybe a famous actress. That is a really good point.

I am sure at that height it is tough finding something long enough for her. Maybe she will become a super model! But for now, yes, leggings are a must.

My daughter bought a dress shirt that was so short I wouldn't let her wear it without leggings. She is 5'10", just 14 and has a hard time finding dresses long enough.

She now has a colorful variety of leggings. She is allowed to wear the dress shirt. Thank you for your comment and thanks for using the word "tush. That is way nicer! Since then my once firm and toned body has gotten a little mushy It allows me to keep a feminine look while still covering up.

They are a true asset in the closet if worn right! This hub has turned out to be much more popular than I anticipated. A lot of women have strong opinions about leggings. I do know what you mean about jeggings vs. When I went to put the Amazon ads up, there was a pair of skinny jeans being advertised as jeggings. I changed the keywords a bit and fixed it.

I can't confuse readers like that! I am trying to help the leggings wearers of the world, not confuse them. Thanks for the vote up! So many people need to read this hub! I will say though that a lot of companies are calling things jeggings that really are skinny jeans. I have a pair from Levi that have denim and are thick, even hang like jeans but Levi says they are jeggings I suppose when it's put like that, maybe some gals should stay away.

But once again, if they bought the correct size, I am optimistic they could make it work. But then again, maybe I am not witnessing what you are seeing. Leggings are so cute, but there is so much leggings abuse! Thanks for reading and for your comment. A timely hub, Jeannie Sadly they do not realise this and think that a tunic makes it all right. To them I would say You have been warned!

Thank you both for your comments. Leggings and jeggings have become so popular. They really do look flattering when worn the right way. Hi Jeannie, Leggings are so popular here in the UK, everybody is wearing them!

Like Cloverleaf I have never worn them out before, because I too felt self conscious! There is no need to feel self-conscious. Now you can go out there in public and wear leggings wherever you go. Well, maybe not everywhere, but you get the idea.

Thanks for the comment and the votes! Great fashion advice, Jeannie! I've always stuck to only wearing leggings around the house, mostly just because they are comfy. I think I've always been afraid of wearing them outdoors because I feel self-conscious!!! But now I know how to wear them properly, so thank you!

Thank you both for the comments and the votes. And yes, there are girls who wear tights as if they are leggings. Since the feet are not cut out, they are not fooling anyone. Maybe more people commit fashion crimes in Baltimore than other cities. See 4 more comments. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

To provide a better website experience, bellatory. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: Updated on November 22, Leggings are Everywhere Leggings are a fashion trend that just won't go away.

Tunics are NOT Dresses I know this is an article about leggings, but while I am on the subject of styles gone wrong, I want to point out a disturbing new leggings-related fashion error. The World Thanks You! Please don't steal my work! Leggings Crime of Fashion Poll Have you ever worn leggings in public with a short shirt? Yes, and I will continue to do so. Yes, but I will stop now. Thank you for showing me the error of my ways. No, I already know my fashion limitations when it comes to my butt.

No, leggings are tacky. LOL I remember these--but we never called them "leggings," they were just "stretch pants. Voted up and funny! Thanks for linking my article. What I mean is that this is just the style with teenage girls today.

Thanks for dropping by and sharing! Plus 1 and tweeted! Thank you Jeannineianbottle for yet another high quality hub!! Have you been wearing your hat as pants? That could be the problem. I now don't seem to have a proper hat There is also a beautiful bagCoach bag. Sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you are doing OK now. This is a great hub! I completely agree with you: I like Jeggings missus.

My legs are the only skinny part on me, lol. I am usually found in my jeans though. Great hub, made me laugh very much. Great hub and voting up and useful. Voted Up, makes me want to go out and buy some leggings. This website uses cookies As a user in the EEA, your approval is needed on a few things.

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