Let’s Knit a Cardigan

How to sew with sweater knits As beautiful as hand knit sweaters are, there’s no doubt that only the most dedicated and productive knitters can make enough to stay warm all winter. Knitters and non-knitters alike can create their own sweaters in just a couple hours when sewing with sweater knit fabrics.

Stitches have been picked up and markers indicate the garter panel. From now on you will be working paired increases at each of the 4 raglan markers every 2nd row, and increasing at the neckline every 4th row. Spotted at Where to Get It. Cinch in the waist with a thick belt.

Cardigan Knitting Patterns We’ve collected some gorgeous cardigan patterns for men, women, kids and babies, including designs for all levels. You can show off your skills with intricate patterns and cable-knit designs or keep it simple, focusing on colors that pop and 94%(K).
How To Knit. If you’ve always wanted to learn to knit you’ve come to the right place! From beginner to advanced, we have brilliant video tutorials to help you on your knitting journey, to teach you fabulous techniques to boost your skills%(K).
Knitted flat in one piece to the armholes, the cardigan’s simple shaping keeps seams to a minimum while highlighting the whimsical stitch pattern. Size: Chest circumference: 16 (⁄2, ⁄2)”, sized to fit child age 6 (12, 24) months.
The weather is cooling down, which means cardigan season is coming in. To get you prepped for looking your best, we are sharing the 10 Ways to Style your knit cardigan.
Cardigan Knitting Patterns We’ve collected some gorgeous cardigan patterns for men, women, kids and babies, including designs for all levels. You can show off your skills with intricate patterns and cable-knit designs or keep it simple, focusing on colors that pop and 94%(K).
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I am knitting my first sweater, the Harvest Cardigan. I have been reading in the project notes that people have knitted short rows at the neck and/or shoulders to have the cardigan go .

Tuck in a t-shirt, wear a colorful and printed scarf, and a pair of tall boots to match your bag. Spotted at Kendie Everyday. Bring your favorite knit sweater with you on date night. Wear it with a little black dress, tights, and tan booties with jewelry to dress it up. Spotted at Fruity Girl.

Dress up your outfit by putting on a pair of heeled booties and a stylish hat. Spotted at Cleverly Yours. Wear a form fitted tank, tucked into tweed pants. Add a pair of cute oxfords to top off your look. Wear a printed dress with solid colored tights and your favorite knit cardigan.

Cinch in the waist with a thick belt. Spotted at Smile and Wave. For a comfy and warm style, wear socks over tights, a cute pair of lace-up boots, and a short dress. Spotted at Nadia Esra. Jaime Morrison Curtis is author of the bestselling book Prudent Advice: Lessons for My Baby Daughter A Life List for Every Woman , follow up fill-in journal My Prudent Advice , and founding co-editor at Pretty Prudent , the premier design and lifestyle blog providing inspiration and instruction to help anyone create beautiful things, food, and experiences for their friends and family.

Check out 10 Ways to Style: Knit Cardigans 1 of Shorts and Button-Down 2 of Colored Jeans, Flats, and Scarf 3 of Belt, Jeans, Solid Cardigan 4 of Tights, Shorts, and Flannel 5 of Tucked-in T, Scarf, and Boots 6 of Black Dress, Tights, and Booties 7 of Unfortunately, I am having problems with the raglan increases.

It says to knit to 1stitch before the marker, m1, k2, m1. If I knit to 1stitch before the marker, how can I knit 2 stitches after m1? Also, it says to repeat this increase 4 times. I placed 6 markers in total. If I follow the pattern, the first increase is at the 2 marker after the one which separates the garter edge. Do I then not have to increase 5 times? Thanks for your help and the lovely pattern. Hi Kristina — just slip the markers as you come to them, so you are going to m1, k1, slip marker, k1, m1 etc.

I am having trouble with the set up row of the yoke. I see other knitters have had a similar problem. I had stitches then knit 17 to marker , P3, pm, P22, pm, P53, pm, P22, pm, P3, then knit to the end. Hi — your initial garter band had 16 sts, so when you did the pick up row it should have been k14, PM, etc. This means you will have 14 sts before the marker, not That accounts for the extra 6 sts.

I chose to make a large because I like this kind of sweater to fit a little loose, plus I have gained a bit of weight. I am enjoying this sweater and look forward to making others…and your Gramps pattern: I am getting lost finishing the yoke. I am doing the raglan all right, but I do not know how many rows or inches do I have to knit, I get lost when the pattern says: Can you help me, please?.

Hi Cris — you are knitting the Harvest cardigan? Which size are you knitting? You are working the 4 row repeat the number of times for your size, then depending on which size you are knitting you might work rows once, then you will separate for the sleeves. Ok, I have found the information!.

I was looking in all the links and I could not find it, but the info for the sizes is in the pdf file of the cardigan. Thank you so much! I made my swatch and unblocked I get 15 stitches for 4 inches 3. Just depends how adventurous you are feeling. Are you liking the fabric you are getting at 15 sts per 4 inches? The yarn is a heavier worsted so I think that its the culprit. Your patterns are great, thank you so much for sharing.

I am starting the cardigan, I have just finished the collar, I am in the very beginning. I have started with larger needles but I do not know where is the exact point of the pattern where I should change to the smaller ones. Hi there, is it possible to add increases at the sides of the waist for this for a little bit of shaping , and if so, would I be able to just use a kfb increase?

Also, would you have any advice on how I work out where to put those increases? FYI I am really enjoying this pattern so far, well written and very clear — thank you. Hi Terry — So you will have sts before the set up row, 14 garter sts on each end and stockinette in the middle. I put the live stitches on the LH needle and followed the instructions. Something went wrong twice. It looks like a knit row followed by a purl row.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions? I have this same problem when I picked up the provisional stitches. I had to purl instead of knit to keep the garter going along the edge. I already frogged twice and started over, ending up both times with the same result. Although it may be less noticeable there. As I understand it, I would be working back and forth picking up stitches, pr directions, between the first 2 markers? I am having trouble with this concept.

Hi Stephanie — so, the collar is worked back and forth in rows, then you are going to pick up sts along the edge, then unzip the provisional cast on and knit those sts. Hello, Im having trouble blocking the harvest cardigan. Im not sure with the 2 raglan seams,how it should lie? Hi Kelly — I would just lay it flat.

Possibly with the garter bands overlapping. It should be just like any other sweater, just lay flat. I have a question about row 3 of the 4 row repeat after the setup row.

It says knit to first marker, k2, m1. Do you do the k2 after the first marker and then do the m1? In the photo the sleeves appear to be the same as the body, which is stockinette. Would appreciate your help, and thanks for such a beautiful pattern!! Also, once I knit to the last two stitches, do I pick up along the edge with or without the K1,M1,K1 stitches and leave them for the set up round?

Which part of the sweater are you knitting? Any idea, how I could adept the pattern for this yarn? CO number of stitches is quite easy due to just calculate rule of three, I guess. But what about number of rows etc??? This is the first sweater I am knitting and I am working on straight needles — so far just knitting the yoke. Soon I will have to pick up the stitches along the stockinette edge etc….

Or can I just keep working on the straight needles? Thank you SO much. You may be able to knit the body etc. The sleeves are knit in the round so you would need DPNs for those. When working back and forth on straight needles one needle becomes heavier as you go and I find that can affect my tension.

I wind up with two large holes one on each side at the base of the M1. With the addition of these 8 stitches, I end up with the 55 as instructed.

Those two holes are really visible. Should I pick up more stitches or wait and sew the holes closed? Hi Ruby — great question! I usually just pick up the number of sts specified in a pattern, but if I think I will get a hole I will definitely pick up an extra stitch on either side, then just decrease them right away on the next round. The directions are so clear with the exception of when to change needle sizes. The length is determined more by the stitch gauge of the stockinette rather than the row gauge of the garter band.

Me again, this is my first time knitting a raglan cardigan, did the garter border. I did end up with all the stitches suggested for this size but have I done something wrong? By the way, my provisional cast on was a disaster and had to rip the whole thing up!!! Hi Gloria — you are a-okay, because you are placing a marker 2 sts before the end of your 16 sts you will have 14 sts.

Thank you so much for offering simple collection with helpful tutorials. I love Flax sweater! I have stash yarn I really need to do something with…and also knitting cardigan with yarn like DK could provide almost all season garment for where I am… My gauge is pretty close to the one for the Flax light…22sts and 32rows… I realize why not Flax light? Thank you for what you do…. It is certainly possible, you would want to measure your gauge and choose a different size. You would follow the stitch counts for that size, but the lengths for the actual size you want.

I would like more than one buttonhole. Hi Maria — I find it best to decide on the button spacing, then purchase my buttons. That way my buttons will be just the right spacing for me. I usually like more buttons to avoid and gapping at the bust. I have a question about knitting the yoke: When you link to the separate tutorial on picking up stitches you use your sock pattern as an example, and in that pattern the first stitch of each row is slipped.

Having used that pattern before my first socks- they turned out great! Would the same be possible for this pattern? Love the pattern and the tutorial! For the yoke and picking up rate, I am a bit confused. During the knitting of the stockinette stitches do you do the pick up rate while or knit the whole yoke then start the pick up rate?

Yes, picking up stitches from the garter. I figured it out along the lines of what a pick up rate is. I just finished up the Flax sweater. These are the best patterns!!! I am wondering if it is possible to add a hood to this cardigan? So you would only do the raglan increases before and after the four blue markers, and not the two orange ones? How does this account for the different stitches before and after the orange markers?

Hi Nicky — nope, there are no increases at the orange markers, they are just there to indicate the garter border. Eventually there are increases at the neckline.

There are also great books and courses to help people knit their first sweaters, such as My First Cardigan Workbook by Georgia Druen, The 30 Day Sweater Book by Lacie Lynnae and the Craftsy course My First Sweater by Amy Ross. I am knitting my first sweater, the Harvest Cardigan. I have been reading in the project notes that people have knitted short rows at the neck and/or shoulders to have the cardigan go . Cardigans. Layer up with one of these delightful cardigan knitting patterns. Whether you need something for the office or a night out, you'll find the perfect pattern here.