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No Thanks Start Survey. Other Matching Items See All. But I know I had 2 size 1 diapers for my daughter, and a newborn box, and she went through them super quick. Head cradle thingy for the car seat.

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Newborn Essentials Checklist: Save money with just the baby basics. two highchairs, and one hundred too many pieces of newborn clothing all rounded out her insane baby registry at Babies’R’Us. (Don’t ask me to flip that ‘R’ backwards.) When I have my next child I plan to sew my baby’s clothing using upcycled items from my.

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Resist the urge to buy everything new, and stock up on USED baby essentials first. Many seasoned parents just want to get rid of their stuff, and might even part with it for free. Embrace baby clothing stains. I gladly accepted any used sleeper with a spot or two to save serious money.

Wait for the birth weight. Pick up a massive tub of the stuff for cheap at Costco. Little babies can sure make big messes. I crunched the nappy numbers and did the diaper math. Check out Price Check: Are cloth diapers worth it?

I also shared how you can build a cloth diaper stash on a tight budget with many different cloth diapering systems. Since we adopted our baby girl, we used bottles and formula. I asked my breastfeeding friends what they needed to feed their babies. I found the best value by buying a bottle starter kit which included the bottle warmer, bottle sterilizer, and bottle brush in the deal.

Buy everything separate and you may pay a lot more. Choosing a sleeping arrangement these days seems akin to prescribing to a parenting style. The choices are mind-blogging for something as seemingly simple as putting your baby to bed. Later, just remove the basinet and changer and take the play area to the grandparents. Got a friend with this baby gear on hand? Go ahead and ask to borrow these items before committing to buy. All kids are different, and yours may hate the stroller but love the baby carrier.

Well, I bought the pacifers and teething toys new. I often rant about gender specific baby equipment — a girlie pink highchair? Robin Baby neutral for the win! Because I bought most of my gear used, I opted for any color where the gear was in good condition. My daughter wore baby boy clothing for her first months.

You know, before there were fitted diapers, people just folded squares of thick cotton fabric into diapers and pinned them onto baby? Hard to believe huh? This is so true! The prices of some of the baby things where I live is mind-blowing.

So not paying for that. But my boyfriend insisted that it was necessary, and it is a nice piece of furniture, with plenty of space for our cloth diaper stash and baby clothes. So, our second little one is 3 months. This is a great list! Our son held on to that for three weeks. We had gotten rid of everything between kids cuz we were done. Our son was six. Gave away the crib six weeks before I got pregnant.

But my friends who were really done were purging. I got a ton of clothing from my niece but her son was born in October and mine in July, so they were all too hot with long sleeves. The swing was a lifesaver one night in week 5 when my hubby was traveling.

The breast feeding list was good. And a book on breast feeding. Actually we used much less as our finaces were tight. We were given more things, but ended up not using them. More cloth diapers than you list though.

Paper diapers for travel. Used that for bathing too. Snow suit and soft knit caps. Lanolin for breast feeding. Regular, not a nursing, pillow. I did laundry times a week and bathed the kids in the kitchen sink with a towel under them, just like my mom had done. We changed them on our bed or floor using a changing mat.

Or the old fashioned diaper rash remedy, browned flour. Head cradle thingy for the car seat. A family friend gave us a swing. The first child loved it, the second hated it. The Snugli was a hand me down. Our first born loved being bundled, the second hated it. Stuffed animals with embroidered faces. I got them from a thrift store and both kids loved them. Homemade pop over the head bibs. Tie bibs, not as effective with our hyper first born. We read to them from infancy and both became avid readers.

Once they started crawling, safety plugs for outlets. With the first born, duct tape would have been a better option. We used shoelaces to tie the knobs together. You also helPed me find a job with the job hunting advice so that I could return to work. I think that you hit all of the important items needed for first 3 months. But buying barely used and recently bought will save you big money. One note about receiving blankets.

If you want to use them for swaddling, the vast majority of the ones you see in stores are too small: Or, do what I did and buy a bunch of flannel at the fabric store and just make your own!

Or get a handy-with-a-sewing machine friend or relative to help. Emma is totally right on the receiving blankets. One of my friends made me 3 flannel ones that are big enough to swaddle my 3 month old. Cheaper than the higher end blankets though. One can clothe their child for nearly free and the only catch is that all stuff gifted must be FREE!

I was stumbled on this site and this article is awesome Kerry! Thank you so much Kerry! I really enjoyed staying and reading your article. The stores will still be there after the baby is born. We can always buy whatever we are missing then. Hi Zhu, Congrats on being new Canadians! And I love your motto. You have pointed out that there are different baby carriers, I would like to add that there are good baby carriers, thought to be ergonomic for the baby, and bad baby carriers that can cause problems.

Please check that out before buying or using one, plus of course check how they are used to used them safely. The ergonomic position is the one in which the baby is sitting like a frog, with her knees higher than her hips, like making a letter M, that way the hip joint develops as it should do.

This is so helpful! Especially for us without children when shopping for baby shower things. Not knowing better at the time, I did end up failing at installing our infant seat, and sobbing on the phone with Evenflo. Somehow, I think they must be used to that, as the woman who took my call was pretty calm about it.

The Camelbak ones are expensive but nice. I agree with this list. I only have 1, but we were in a living arrangement with my parents when we had our daughter. We have to move back home from out of province when he economy crashed. I had the swing, playpen and basinette.

All used mind you, but because of small living quarters and my mom didnt want to re arrange her living room those things barely got used. She sat in the swing maybe 5 times because it took up too much space. We wanted to cloth diaper… but I had to consider where I was living and we bought disposable.

When our last bambino was born, I had to fork over very little in cold hard cash. I reused the cloth diapers from my last, and serged little flannel washcloths from sewing scraps. We gratefully accepted little sleepers, onesies and stretchy pants from my SIL and friends, and gifts of cozy blankets from friends. Baby slept with us until around 1 year, when we moved him to a twin size mattress on the floor of our room.

Exclusively breastfed other than a few weeks of feeding issues, with bottles that came with the pump my midwife lent me! Changed baby on the bed or floor. Found it easiest to bathe directly with baby. Used a borrowed swing a few times, but not really useful for this particular baby.

I did buy some flannel on sale to make my own receiving blankets, just pinking-shear the edges. A friend sold me her deluxe pound convertible carseat.

Buy a good one and use for years for yourself. Buy a good thermometer for peace of mind I had one already. And Lansinoh and acidopholus for beginning breastfeeding. This is the type of advice I looked high and low for when expecting my first, who turns one tomorrow. We probably used less than what you listed, certainly fewer clothes, and use squares of fabric for diapers like commentor Tori described. We got almost everything as a present or second hand. My partner found the bouncy chair useful during the newborn stage.

She just wanted my complete undivided attention every minute day and night. I waited until after my baby shower and some friends gave me hand-me-downs before even thinking about buying clothes for my LO. Then I just had to fill in the gaps. I also had a June baby, so all she wore was diapers a lot of the time for the first few months. BTW, did you know that you could have chosen to go on medication and pumped to produce breast milk? I had my kids years ago but some things never change. I bought larger sizes in clothes and got stuff at the baby shower my sisters-in-law gave me.

I made my own receiving blankets as the store bought jobs are too small. My sisters-in-law both had kids around the same time as me or shortly after so we had quite the hand-me-down train going for a few years there too! When my daughter was due with our grandson I refused to buy anything under 12 month size if I could help it. I gave the remains of the pack to my cousin for her baby.

Just a few little bits of advise from an experienced mom and Moomah…. I did like Tori with the cloth diapers — they line dried really fast — less than an hour in an Okanagan summer.

Easy to double up, fold different ways for different sizes, had half a dozen preformed ones for going out, but found they took for. I bought very little new for my two, got Please Mum, Oshkosh, Baby Gap, Esprit, etc in new condition, if not still with original store tags, from the VV Boutique for next to nothing.

Also, aside from the car seat, stroller and crib, it is sometimes better to wait a bit and spread the cost over a few months. My two cents, meagre as they may be having not experienced the goods in use yet of course, would be to pay a little more upfront for things that will last longer down the track.

We were able to sort and compare the prices and tested benefits. Also our reason for using mcns. Hi, thank you so much for sharing this information. And it is kinda useful to me. I will share about this information to my sister as well, since she is going to marry soon and plan to have baby afterword.

This information does solve their problem. I was glad to read about people still making their own receiving blankets. But I have a question about other blankets. I am 70 years old and have been knitting and crocheting since I was a teenager. Baby blankets are my favorite things to crochet. Do I have to stop crocheting them? Here is another suggestion for those who like to make their own items. The gift my mother always made for baby showers was a baby quilt.

It was nothing fancy but quite useful. The filler of the quilt was always the good parts of used blankets. The reason for using dark fabric was that the purpose of the quilt was to toss it on a bed or the floor to change baby esp. The top was made from 4 inch squares, bottom was a solid piece of fabric, and the middle was the old blanket I had mentioned. You could even use a solid piece for the top instead of cutting and sewing squares together.

One piece is navy blue and has large crayon-colored polka dots on it. The other piece is wide crayon-colored stripes! I have a three month old and I use the blankets that my sister crocheted and my MIL knitted. I like to make baby quilts too. They are great and only take about an hour to make. We even own the same two hoodies you have pictured We really really enjoyed borrowing the newborn clothing and other bigger items bumbo, play mat, swing… because we were able to just give it back when we were finished!

Bonus points for adding interesting fabrics or appliques that the kid will be able to identify later. KT please keep making baby things! Home made items are my most treasured things, and I love crochet, whether it be traditional like a blanket or booties or something a little different, like the beard hat trying to wink and nod at my mum a lot to make one of those for our son on the way just google baby beard hat-they look awesome!

We were gifted a pair of crocheted hockey skates. Baby will be coming home from hospital in them, his father has spoken! I would add that you even have too much on your list.. My brain is way overtired from four kids. Storage became an issue when we moved and we lived with less. The last two lived in sleepers and were huge so newborn size was out and had fancy outfits leftover from siblings. I would definitely not need as much if I were to do the whole thing over again.

Sorry, now that I looked more closely at your list, I can say you are spot on. If you have a barfy baby, like my super-barfer, you will need more of anything they can barf on. There is some one-up-manship going on with which stroller you get. If we lived in the same area, I would say you probably saw me scanning everything at Babies R Us lol. My only complaint is that I fear they will be ruined if I wash them too much and also one two of the blankets have yarn strings as the border does that make sense , so my LO was always having yarn fuzz and loose strings in her hands and mouth.

But…this could just be because of my circumstances. I cloth diaper and am working out the leak situations in regards to cleaning the blankets often and also those specific knit blankets that were made were probably just not safely made lol. Ashley — Thank you for your comments re: Use the gentle or perma-press cycles and when they no longer look brand new, the person who made them for you will be pleased to see how much they are being used. If you have additional babies, they may be quick to make more blankets for you.

OpenDocument Contents and colors have changed over the years, but it has always given a good idea of the baby necessities. Many of Finnish babies sleep their first weeks in the box everything is packed in. For some reason the box on the English page is white, but on the Finnish page you can see the real color with the fill-in-family tree. They will survive just fine without one.

On the other hand, there are things that, of course, are necessary for a baby, such as a car seat, stroller, crib, a highchair or booster seat, some clothes and diapers.

Everything else is extra. As a reference, here is a great article and checklist on newborn essentials. I fully agree with ur lists of essential must have 4 a new born baby. What did you miss? I would put either a stroller or a carrier as a must-have though. We use the Pack N Play as our changing table too. I have to say that it was the best buy in terms of both value and practicality.

Great list and thank you for publishing! I do have to add though, as much as we tried to resist it, having a video monitor is soooooooo nice and gives a new mom such peace of mind. But once we had it we could never go back — it is so great to be able to check on our baby any time without disturbing her!

I feel more free to get things done — cook, watch TV or take a bath. Baby and Children Terry Socks. Other Matching Items 2 See All. Novelty Bib for Party. Baby Sleeves size 1. Gift Set 4PC Medallion. Other Matching Items 11 See All.

Other Matching Items 17 See All. Knitted Hat and Gloves Set for Kids. Other Matching Items 22 See All. Other Matching Items 1 See All. Add to Wish List. Waterproof Cotton Baby Bib Min.

Xiamen Comdai Co Ltd. Hong Kong Exporter, Manufacturer. Hoi Lee Enterprise China Ltd. Gain Way Textile Co Ltd. Novelty Bib for Party Min. Socks Production Lead Time: Hong Kong Exporter, Wholesaler, Manufacturer. Man Lee Mfy Ltd. Baby Bag Production Lead Time: Hong Kong Exporter, Manufacturer, Others.

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