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9 Rules of Music-Festival Dressing Coordinating your clothes for a music festival isn't exactly rocket science. But there is a fine line between looking cool and looking like a confused, scantily.

Opt for a leather jacket with wool trousers, a jean version over a silk shirt, or-stylists' favorite! Does that piece from your "archive" really work now? Have a model for a day experience with high-end fashion inspired portraits to take home? Nothing raises the quality of moderately priced clothes more than having them altered to suit your shape.

Vogue: Vogue, influential American fashion and lifestyle magazine. It was founded in as a weekly high-society journal, created by Arthur Baldwin Turnure for New York City’s social elite and covering news of the local social scene, traditions of high society, and social etiquette; it also reviewed.
Hi! Welcome back to ZoeVogue and I am so excited to be showing the first look at the photo shoot that I did back in Raleigh. This shoot was a lot more editorial and the shots came out highly edited and saturated, much more than I’m used to, but I think they came out so cool and are going to be a fun addition to the blog.
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Rihanna has made a habit of predicting and influencing fashion trends with her wardrobe on and off the redcarpet. Here are the ones to watch in
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Leong Charlie: From Struggling Student To Finding Her Niche As A Nightlife Concept Planner

Teen Vogue was a US magazine launched in as a sister publication to Vogue, targeted at teenage Vogue, it includes stories about fashion and celebrities. Since , following a steep decline in sales, the magazine cut back on its print distribution in favor .

Hope my it will work. I'll see once I make the muslin. This dress looks like it will be another stunning creation for you! I am excited to see the colors you will choose! I hope it turns out nice. Potential fabric choices are: JuliaRu the sliver cut out is for the swayback adjustment. There are three steps as mentioned above. Tuck at lower back, cut out at lower back, and add to hem the amount of the tuck.

There is a center back seam, which is great for me. So I didn't have to add one for the swayback adjustment. No prominent shoulder blade adjustment as most of the shoulder area is exposed. Will see how that works after the muslin fit. Swayback adjustment - tuck across the lower back area, slight curve out at the lower back, and add the amount of the back tuck at the hem sorry, hem not pictured here.

The pattern was long and this was a minor adjustments. Update - I forgot to raise the armhole on the back dress pattern. I will certainly do that before the muslin fit. My plan is to make a muslin sometime this week. When the fit is right, I will make the actual dress.

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1- Happy Birthday to the Olsen Twins

The best in celebrity style, the latest fashion news, and trends on and off the runway. Rihanna has made a habit of predicting and influencing fashion trends with her wardrobe on and off the redcarpet. Here are the ones to watch in Explore the Vogue edit of the best swimwear styles to buy now. From bikinis, swimsuits and tankinis to the best beachwear to be seen in this summer.