What To Wear With A Blue Dress

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While solid red outfits are often overkill with red shoes, a print with traces of red in it coordinates with your shoes in a subtle, appropriate manner. Only White shirts should be worn under a suit?

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The 4 Best Shirts To Wear With A Navy Suit A white shirt is a classic piece and perfect with a navy suit A pale blue shirt is great for more relaxed, less conventional looks.
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Blue is the new Navy has been thrown around a bit lately, and whilst a classic navy suit is hard to beat, a look around any major city in the world suggests the time for the Blue suit is right now.

When I see somebody breaking one of the rules, it tells me that this person never was exposed to proper dress, which in most countries implies something about their social status and origin. As I got older and learnt more about the world, I started seeing square, light brown shoes worn with a purple-striped navy suit as a sign of a doer instead of someone who needs a lesson in basic dressing ideas. The most interesting are those who break the rules consistently and thoughtfully for example wearing the wrong outfit perfectly.

Still, brown shoes would be appropriate with tweed or other countryside outfits, whilst black is what should be worn in any meeting room. This especially applies to navy, which is the most formal colour a man can wear for example, appropriate at a wedding when one does not have a morning suit.

To then wear a "casual" colour designed for one's country estate is an interesting choice, which takes quite a stretch of the imagination to justify as spezzatura the careful art of pretend carelessness that characterises the tasteful. Adding even more value, a comparison of different black captoes. Go and pick your next pair of shoes! It is one of the most versatile shoes a man can own, suitable for nearly all formal occasions from office to weddings.

While dark brown offers deep patina and changing highlights, black brings out the best in mirror shine at the same time being a subtle conservative foundation to a good outfit. I suggest you read all pages of this thread: Regardless if you think women are wrong on this, black and blue do not go together.

I always see people wearing a blue suit and black shoes, and it looks like they are clashing. The black shoes hinder the blue in your suit.

If you combine the right shade of brown, with a matching belt, and some nice blue socks, then your blue suit color pops out more. Black and blue are too similar, and they should not be worn together in my opinion. Its like the same thing as wearing a red t-shirt with orange shorts.. Sorry, but that's just wrong. If you're caught wearing brown and navy I hope you're not wearing blue suits to work!

When it comes to dressing appropriately for the office, individual opinions are simply less relevant, whether you like it or not. You ask a legitimate question, and then when people answer, you crap in their pants. Haha, I'm loving it! Another note on black and navy: I recommend wax instead of the kwikwax type horrors, applied sparsely and with a hint of water on the hard bits once a week.

It takes around 40 minutes to obtain the correct effect. Regarding grey suits and black shoes: And here's a chap returning from the country, for a nice contrast: The Mayfair angle is interesting.

I do think that a lot of the companies read: When you are having lunch with Amitabh from Blackbox Capital, you sure won't say a word about his wearing a blazer impeccably outside a sports event.

And of course, talking of grey, the correct colour of trousers with a navy sports coat, you would then pair it with brown shoes, as is appropriate with the setting. Americans who often wear Oxblood, but sometimes just dress like they want to be made fun of and stylish Mediterranean types the latter often also sport beards, they have special rules. Ultimately, you can do what you want to express yourself sartorially.

If you really feel like black shoes with a navy blue suit violates your sensibilities, then go ahead and wear brown. Just know that you are taking a huge risk.

Historically, clothes signalled that you went to the right school and University, and knew the right people who told you off when you dressed poorly. These days, you can fake fitting in through a careful study of the internet, though there is plenty of misinformation out there.

The truth is, StudentLoanBackedSecurities, that your opinion is less important than the opinion of those who have banded together for a very long time to try and establish a non-linguistic code for excluding those who are not "in the know". Their contempt is honed by several generations of running the world, so I'd defer to their judgement.

Alden's Color 8 shell did not count as brown for purposes of the rule. I'm guessing the Americans are sporting those while the Italians run around in antiqued dark brown leather. Depends on how judgemental the Brit in question is feeling. My current MD looks down on belts - a lack of tabs is a sign of general impoverishment.

And good looking Italian fellows know they can get away with anything. London may have codified the ground rules of looking proper, but plenty of Italians will catch you peering down at their suede brogues and give you a look that leaves no doubt as to who invented looking fucking fantastic. Insecure junior bankers in London wearing pants with loops without belts because belts are for peons is literally the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. It's going to be obvious whether pants are custom, which is what the actual judgement will be based on.

Not at all, and that guy's MD is perfectly right to attempt to get his juniors to dress properly. The evolution of the suit to sell more volume to the uneducated customer has let to a drop in the waistline, and a narrowing of everything basically, most people like to wear suits that look 2 sizes too small. His low waistline will cause the trousers to keep wanting to fall down, whilst their tightness will cause his balls to be squeezed at every occasion, particularly sitting, and his belt buckle will ride up into his stomach, whilst the top half of his ass will probably be struggling to be covered, and stuffing a shirt in there is not going to look good in real life.

The pleatless front is even more indication of pain to come as there is no space for the leg to expand and move around below the waistline. A correct waistline is much higher for the simple reason that a suit was originally designed to be worn, and comfortable, and a high waistline both allows you considerably more movement, and naturally holds the pants at the right height.

Belt loops are good to maintain the right fit as your weight goes up and down within a small range. Here's a few examples of the correct waist height: Note the pleats forward facing in Britain, backwards facing in Italy; I would go with the Brits.

There are plenty of RTW shops in London and New York that will sell properly made suits, including with a higher waistline and no belt loops. Investing in a proper suit will make you happier as you will actually be comfortable in it during the enormous hours you are pulling at work, and you do not need to spend Savile Row's 3, GBP average price for a two piece to get there.

I gather that he is European. The old guard takes a decidedly intolerant view of the emergence of trends. To such people, there is one true proper way; anything else is but one of an innumerable myriad of improper ways. A properly dressed person has two effects: This is especially true in investment banking which is a.

There are objective standards of aesthetics, contrarily to what most universities would proclaim today. Those standards are present in dress whether or not you care to acknowledge them.

I type this in shorts and T-shirt, the dress code at my current company. Amongst makers, the only bar is that of output. I fully agree with what you said. Nonetheless, you'd never catch me in a tailored garment with that much of a rise. My clothing with the exception of a handful of Brooks Brothers shirts bought before my final summer analyst stint which I have not yet replaced is entirely made-to-measure or bespoke, yet I wear trousers with a lower rise.

They do not slip down my backside, nor do I fail to receive spoken or unspoken compliments on my attire frequently. The Puritanical mindset that proscribes any deviation from one codified rule is simply anachronistic. You know when a woman is glancing at you because she's simply looking around vs. Same phenomenon with a man. Sometimes someone looks at you simply because their eyes are roving, some look at you without even seeing you because their mind is a million miles away, and some are looking at you because such is their sexual preference and they want you to know they want you.

As for anachronism, it becomes a question of choosing your decade. Colour-wise, Boateng's designs are a throwback to Palm Beach in the 40s, where dinner jackets started taking on things like burgundy tartan. His lapels and fit are one or two decades older, still your grandfather's days.

Fashions come and go, but proportions are timeless. You wouldn't want thin lapels or a very narrow collar if you are heavy set. The idea is not to receive compliment, as you are so well dressed that it passes unnoticed. You wouldn't think of complimenting your grandfather on his well tailored suit - in your mind he has always been elegant, it goes with his character. The only people who notice my suits, especially in the colonies, usually are bespoke customer themselves and ask me where they can find my tailor.

Women do not know what makes good tailoring, just as you wouldn't know how to dress your wife or comment intelligently on her choice of fashion. As for the rise, I can personally attest to the greater comfort of the higher one, and find it quite ugly to see much shirt below the buttoned part of one's coat.

It reminds me of school kids trying to look like hip hop stars in their uniforms. But to each their own - particularly if the suit's purpose is to attract younger women with dubious sense of aesthetics, although in this case I'd recommend hitting the gym instead of focusing on the garment.

He posted two pics from magazines that look like they are from the s and a pic of Prince Charles! I am tempted to resurrect Alan Plusser's quip about the value of women's opinion on male dress but I shall leave it to those interested in his excellent book: Black shoes and a Navy suit absolutely do go together. Why are we talking about what the dressing conventions of women are? At banks in the City and Canary Wharf black shoes is all you see. Mayfair is a slightly different environment. And yes, those Italians all seem to grow beards and longer hair as soon as they hit VP.

Brown flat out looks better. Go with brown for any situation except if what these posters are saying about banks is true.. I have no experience at banks. I have been guilty of violating this; as a young man, there have been times I have purposely dressed to be noticed. As I've matured it is a lifelong process , it's been more of an effort to dress well enough that the clothing complements my person rather than shouting on my behalf. Again, similar to the old saying about money: At this point, the people who comment on my clothing are exactly those you mentioned, other bespoke customers who inquire about my tailor.

I disagree with your point about women and tailoring and vice versa. I have been making more of an effort to be conversant in womenswear, and there have been times when ladies have made intelligent comments on my attire.

Regarding the gym, we've already got that covered. That unfortunately is the reason I began pursuing custom clothing in the first place; off-the-rack garments stopped fitting. At this point, my measurements are drop Indeed, as they used to say in ballroom, "be the frame on which the lady shines". To her the bright green and red flamboyance and interesting innovations. This is not to say that it is not possible to be original with taste, but our world is that of textures and proportions.

Let me qualify my statement: I've found that vastly more men, than women, know about male dress. Thus it is often the case that "getting female attention" is no sign of being tastefully dressed.

I find female fashion rather incomprehensible, due to its breadth and the much wider varieties of body shapes and colours to contend with; as such my attitude has always been to stay quiet and let live. Specific comments tend to draw wrath, anyway. As Anatole France used to say "life is too short and Proust is too long".

As an employee at Jos. A Banks, I would suggest black. Assuming you're not too into fashion considering you asked the question, most people who wear brown shoes with navy suits try too hard and match the belt with their shoes, and its off. And black goes with black, and every shade of grey suit.

What type of shoe? Versace loafers, theyre pretty conservative, and last forever. Just my two cents. Apologies for the bump but If you wear any additional accessory to your outfit it should somehow compliment with each other. The best thing to go with for a navy suit is to wear brown shoes that matches any other accessories such as tie, belt, shirt etc.

McAllisters and Strands are also on sale. Both are okay looks-wise. I'm not in love with the combination in the picture: The lace and toe cap accents do well to minimize the width, but a wider toe would balance out perspective more. But seriously why are we holding ourselves to fashion standards of the 40's in ? It also looks just as classy as black or sometimes even more so. I guess if it is the norm in the office and is frowned upon then do what needs to be done, but I certaintly don't want to only wear black cap toes for the rest of my life.

Also, I think if females agree that should tell you something. What do you guys think for the 5th avenue in chili with a blue suit. The only thing that worries me is chili shoes. In my country is ok, but here everyone is concerned about being conservative. Any time it's all about your knowledge, not about lovely shoes lol.

Light blue 'Taylor' mid heel court shoes. Navy 'Apple' pointed toe court shoes. Navy suede 'Bestte' mid kitten heel court shoes. Navy 'Alita' mid wedge heel court shoes. Navy high stiletto heel court shoes. Blue 'Alicia' stiletto heeled court shoes. Head Over Heels by Dune. Navy 'Alli' high stiletto heel court shoes.

Navy suedette 'Arlind' high stiletto heel court shoes. Navy suedette 'Carten' high stiletto heel wide fit court shoes. Navy 'Madinlove' mid heel court shoes. Blue 'Handjive3' suedette mid heel court shoes.

Navy leather 'Courtnee' kitten heel court shoes. Blue flagship high heel court shoes. Navy 'Sovereign' womens court shoes. Navy blue leather 'Isidora Faye' mid heel court shoes. Navy suede 'Brylee' high stiletto heel court shoes. Pink by Paradox London. Blue satin 'Alandra' high heel stiletto court shoes. J by Jasper Conran. Navy suede 'Jubs' high block heel Mary Jane court shoes. Navy 'Florent' mid heel court shoes. Navy 'Clancy' high stiletto heel court shoes. And I often break some of these rules and at times try to get others to do so with me.

Lastly, London is a great city, I envy you for living there. Overall, eventhough I had 1 or 2 issues, very fantastic job. Such vulgar language says more about a man than how he dresses.

But if you were raised properly these rules should be second nature. I grew up with them over 50 years ago. It seems today parents are to relaxed with dress attire and this attitude is, unfortunately, passed onto their children. It is sometimes the socio-economic standing that hinders that- not necessarily poor breeding. My father was a diplomat and yet I learned most of my queues from magazines and watching TV. If you have no need to dress well- why bother learning the rules. A gentleman is one who dresses appropriately as the occasion calls for and does not offend with his choice of clothing.

There are many gentlemen in the world not only London and to be appropriately dressed in whatever society you reside in says more about you than the clothes you wear. Every culture has a dress code and those who can adept and knowing what is proper and what is not are considered gentlemen.

The man makes the clothes not the clothes the man! Eventhough, I belief the blog is a good attempt to keep gentlemen honest or to inform those who so wish to dress like one.

We must first keep in mind the key to being a gentlemen is first in the mind and attitude dress is second priority. Now,I have to slightly concure with Mr. Ben here from London. Yes, great shoes are always important. It crushes the inspiration to be creative and unique. As long as a gentlemen owns a pair of fine shoes, wears bow ties to formals. Never button the last button on a suit. Wear clothing that fits not to loosly and not too tightly. Get educate by a smart tailor on how to properly wear a suit.

I think the rest can be waived. All the best and good luck on dressing like a gentlemen. This is simply not true. I myself have often been described as a gentleman, and I use the term badass quite frequently. Arguing on the internet is like racing in the Special Olympics. Did I seriously just read this?

On a website intended to help gentleman dress well? I, personally, am here to learn about how to better guide my husband on his dress choice in a world where he now advocates for our special needs son. I can honestly say that you, good sir, are an embarrassment to the word gentleman.

Thanks for the laugh. Sometimes the truth is offensive. It was just a joke. Yes, and you know how relatives can be. But some rules do rule more then other rules. These shirts should not be part of a business casual wardrobe. Oh never mind I just figured it out. If your shirt has a white collar and white cuffs — wear a jacket.

Does this same rule apply is the shirt is entire white? Andrew, This rule only applies when the collar and cuffs are of a contrasting white. Eric, I think a few safe bets are surcingle, grosgrain ribbon or needlepoint belts for a more casual look. I have also found success in matching the color of my belt with the sole of my white bucks, which is a tan; it seems to tie things together well. I would not however, recommend wearing a white suede belt to match the shoes. My white bucks have a traditional brick red sole.

They are probably copying it from Navy dress Whites. All military uniforms use web belts because they can serve as a tourniquet in an emergency. Actually web belts can serve lots of emergency purposes since they can adjust any length. Maybe you are a female, and that is fine, of course. I just assumed that you are male. Yes, men also wear hosiery. Joe — Slacks can be for both men and women.

Perhaps the terminology varies by region, though. Seriously, the English language evolves, and regional differences exist. Some definitions would be helpful. Also cuffs on pants when, only on double pleats? Single pleats, plain front pants? What about button down collars, only with a sport coat, never with a suit? What can one wear them with? Plain front suit pants? No cuffs, what about those specifics? Are you saying you are only to wear a white shirt with a suit while you wear a jacket?

Compare business attire with lawyer attire, this is why I need some definitions, are they the same? And those loafers with tassels are almost as bad as the flat square toed shoes you dislike. Tassels are not kick ass but The Dude is. Thanks I like your site. Chestnut and oxblood may work, but it is preferable to match oxblood with oxblood.

Not everybody cares about style and dress codes but some of us sucessful ones do. The first step to find your sock is to choose the type of fabric you […]. I was wondering, would it be a completely bad thing to wear burgundy wingtips with a tuxedo? Chris, My thoughts are that burgundy wingtips would be quite inappropriate to wear with a tux and I love burgundy wingtips. Actually, the wingtip part may be more of a faux pas then the burgundy part.

White bucks are for men who are confident enough in who they are not to allow insecure homophobic a-holes to dissuade them from wearing a classic and time-tested piece of footwear that looks fantastic for summer dress. Have you ever thought about adding a little bit more than just your articles?

I mean, what you say is important and all. Your content is excellent but with images and videos, this blog could definitely be one of the greatest in its niche.

What I consider stylish may be different to […]. I do have a small set of keys on a brass swivel bolt snap that i clip it on my belt loop with the leather strap attached to the keys inside the rear pocket.

Is there any other suggestions? How to better carry keys on a bolt snap,and a cell phone,even without a jacket? Jeffers is not threatened by loss of keys. I have a brass snap with bridle leather for my keys which I attach to my belt.

Fine Young Gentleman… What is your viewpoint on wearing western boots with a suit?.. The black, dressy and fully polished kind, not the brown suede and matted kind…. Chris, Personally, it is not something that is part of my style, however, I have seen some men do it quite well. I think the key is for the right man to do it at the right time.

Is it okay to wear my red vivienne westwood plastic orb tuxedo slippers with my tux if my pocket square is a matching shade of red or how would I go about arranging this, this is killing me…my collar is winged and my lapel is shawled, no cummerbund instead I use a vest under my jacket the suit is completely black including the tie and shirt for a black out look.

The red shoes and pocket square are meant to make a contrasting effect. Or would that be too much? Love the rules, and if any suggestions please do tell! I like your stuff. Sounds like something out of State Department school trying to teach Young Marines how to wear civilian clothes. Rudolph, I see no problem in wearing a shirt with a pocket with suspenders. On a personal note, I prefer to avoid shirt pockets, but that is a matter of preference.

Tony, To be honest, I have never heard of the fedora and vest rule you speak of. Trousers are the pants to a suit. Slacks are pants to wear with a blazer or sport coat.

Overall, I think you have a very good and very informative post. Wish more people would follow. Im wearing a white shirt, white pants and a plue blue blazer with brown shoes…can I wear a white belt with outfit? Or it should be brown? Chris, I would avoid a white leather belt. But a white braided one or something of that ilk would likely be fine.

Brown would be the safer and more conservative choice. Why are square toed shoes to be avoided? That is my preferred shoe for business casual at work. The preference is purely looks, not fit.

Many others in my office have the same preference. Is this just your own preference, or is there some etiquette reason for 18? Briago, There are a few reasons. But mostly they are just a signifier of bad taste. From a more technical perspective, they cut off the foot and create an unflattering line for the shoe; they create a horizontal line, whereas you want more vertical lines lines that run the length of the foot.

Furthermore, I have never seen a nice upper pattern dress a square toed last. I have a pair of Express Photographer suit pants, in black, but cannot find a vest in black to match the fabric on the pants… would it be acceptable to wear a chalk white vest instead? I am glad to be re-reading these comments. I had the same question, and so I am relieved to find this answer! Wow, everyone here agrees, what a boring pointless waist of time.

First rule, there are no rules. Let loose man, indigo denim jeans, brown beat up brogues and a nice fitted shirt with top button undone. Gets the ladies everytime whilst the blazers are complementing each other on joining their exclusive club of banality.

Thou shalt learn the proper usage of the second person singular pronoun before attempting to employ it. Your list is the grammatical equivalent of wearing a tuxedo with sneakers. Though too, a stickler for proper English; remember that this is a blog about fashion, and thus an English nanny adds little. Chris, of August 14, you are rude. The guy is just listing some things that most well dressed men would wear for business.

Do you know what I mean? I realize this is an old post, but I was browsing around and found it, and feel compelled make a comment about those complaining about Rule 16, claiming that loafers are casual wear and therefore unacceptable to wear with suits.

I can vividly remember going shopping with my father back in the 80s where I learned more about classic, American style business suits and shoes than any 12 year old girl probably needed to know. Not low-cut slip-ons, but shoes that he used a shoe horn for. With maybe a little brouge detailing and tassels. No one would have said that my father was the trendiest guy at his L. And he wore loafers. Luke, No, especially if it is a darker brown. Only White shirts should be worn under a suit?

I love when guys mix shirt patterns with tie patterns. I find nothing sadder than the current trend of guys wearing flat toed shoes. How did this happen? I think it actually started in the UK. Do you think congress would consider economic sanctions? Dave, No I am not saying only white shirts should be worn. Only shirts that have a white collar and cuffs and have some type of pattern, color or otherwise for the body and arms of the shirt, sometimes called banker shirts require a jacket. I am not sure what exactly started the square toed shoe disaster, however, I would gladly publish a piece on the history of how they came to be if someone wanted to write it.

The more glaring grammatical issue, as I alluded to rather snarkily in my previous reply, is the mixing of second and third person pronouns. Please allow me recognise so that I may just subscribe. Amanda, Yes, of course it is okay to wear suspenders with a vest. Just make sure the suspenders fasten to the pants via buttons and not clips.

Nick, I would advise against pairing a black suit whether solid or striped with brown shoes. It really depends on the suit. If the suit is a solid black no striping or plaid in it then no on the brown shoes. I was planning on wearing a black suit and tie. Keep up the great work! You know, many people are searching around for this information, you could help them greatly. I see it daily done right. Or a blue suit if the brown is dark enough.

The Rule about matching colors of belt and shoe, what do you say about a dark blue suede Brogues shoe? By that I mean hat colors of pant should you wear? You guys have lot of times on your hands. Wear whatever you feel confortable wearing. This is all mambo jumbo to me. I hand my cell phone to my belt because it is convenient and give me easy access to answer calls. If you want to button all the buttons on your suit, go ahead, it is yours and yours alone.

Why else will there be a 3rd button? By the way, I never liked 3 button suits. Likewise flat front pants, I hate those. I hate pointed head shoes the most.

People like you are the reason sites like this are made, to tell you that you are doing it wrong. PS rule 28 brown suits, no go zone, no one looks good in a brown suit. There is a lot of commentary here.

First, connie, this is a pretty good list of very basic rules one could follow when wanting to look groomed…this comes from a person raised in the Country Club who still wears a suit and tie to work everyday.

Now, there is common sentiment that too many rules is a bad thing, makes one look like they try too hard, etc, with the common theme being…make sure your clothes fit well. I have an opinion on that. Nothing destroys a look, or makes one look like someone TRYING to look like a guy in a suit than a pilfy or faded tie, unsigned shoes, a shirt color that has those tell tell whitened edges on the collar that suggests the shirt has seen and passed its prime.

Make sure your clothes are in good condition, as well, and never, ever buy those ties that are patterned like modern art. As for white bucks, I must absolutely disagree that they are for any occasion other than casual. I think the author has claimed white bucks as his personal trademark…as I have done with loud socks. Now, while my loud socks are a stamp on my fashion choice and I think they are awesome, I would not suggest that everyone try the trend as, truthfully, it is not correct.

However, once a gentleman dresses up and gets comfortable with the rules, they begin to break certain rules as to not look like…they read a set of rules. I honestly think this: There are hard fast rules. Match your shoes and belt. And, yes, square toe shoes should be avoided. DO NOT wear that outfit.

You will begin to play with the rules. Then, one day, you will find your equivalent to loud socks. YOu will find that one thing that attracts attention, but you feel confident about it…and interestingly…people will comment favorably. Cheap shirts look just like that.

Like a cheap shirt. I know it sounds crazy to spend a couple hundred buck on three shirts, but wait for the Brooks Brothers buy three sales and snatch them up! Get two whites and an oxford blue. Then, as soon as you can do it again, do it. Get another oxford blue, a pink, and one pattern. When wearing suits and ties everyday, you can get away with wearing the same five suits with the same five shirts week after week…. Mix them up, have a good assortment. You can spot that from a mile away.

You can spend a couple hundred bucks and more on just one quality dress shirt at Neiman Marcus and other high end stores.

For a perfect fit, you can get bespoke shirts especially from London that go up from there. If your resources permit bespoke clothing, and you have a highly refined taste in clothing, you are reading the wrong the web site and should be reading the A Suitable Wardrobe web site.

Would be curious what you would have to say about a ventless, double breasted, bespoke, suit jacket. You seem qualified to say. I enjoyed the post, but really disagree with the no square toe shoe rule. I find they give a nice clean cut end to your suit, and most of the shoes now are pretty narrow with a slimmer squared-off tip.

Thank you for the advice. I wish my son who just graduated college would sit and read the site. He does not believe what the old man suggests. Thank you once again! It has its high points, but it also has plenty of points with which I disagree, with varying intensity:.

Thou shall not wear slip on shoes with a suit. In fact, they should be avoided. With the right slip on shoe, it works just fine. In the case of shoes, I believe the horizontal created by the toe works quite well. Thou shall not wear a tie without a jacket…. Thou shall leave the bottom button of vest waistcoat unbuttoned….

One should always button that bottom button, as not doing so looks sloppy. Thou shall not wear a solid black suit for business or professional activities…. Black can easily be worn for business or professional activities, and need not be reserved for funerals and formal events.

All criticisms aside, the many points with which I do agree are very solid. But I do have one question: Skoogle- Business is a dark suit.

Formal is black or white tie tuxedo or evening jacket , or morning coats if before noon. Casual is anything in your closet except jeans and t-shirts. There is no such thing as semi-formal. You can wear a jacket and tie in casual settings. My my ole chats. Quite an astonishing bit of wisdom I do must say.

One must be properly attired and catered to with impeccable taste, mind you, and the fellowship of his heritage I might bit want to add here. Nobility is keen, and thus I require my personal staff to render the best attire, as it is a must, for myself, and those whom frequent these palace grounds.

Sir James has informed me of what has been said here and I see merit in much of your commentary. Cheerio good chap…God save the Queen. Was that comment generated by a computer? If so, the program needs a lot more tuning. If not, you might want to consider reading your posts aloud before submitting them. Mostly a correct list, save the overdressed rule. It is far better to be underdressed if unsure.

Can say the exact same in the opposite scenario. Always better to be overdressed. Not so bad to stick out instead of humbly pretending to minimize personal difference.

Groups are known to minimize internal difference to single out the different, hence the fear of sticking out, because it show that you as everyone are as different each other, among your group, as are those outside the group. Far easier to adjust downward an overdressed situation than adjusting upward an underdressed state. I wanna wear it at my weddn…thnx wtng 4 ur rply.. Why would anyone that spells like they are 13 years old and texting be asking about tuxedo?

For you it should be a nike shell suit and a pair of kswiss trainers…. Might want to get those checked. I much prefer braces to a belt, but do not feel comfortable showing them in public. Do others feel the same, or am I too self-conscious? Braces can be one of the most attractive and stylish accessories, and proudly shown.

Not boring ones almost all the ones you find in stores. Wearing a black and gray ensemble, and white shirt, a pair of high quality silk buttoned, of course braces in a solid red or blue hue are an attractive accent and should be seen. If you have an elegant patterned pair, say Italian and probably rather expensive, with appropriate matching and contrasting colors for your outfit, they too are made and worn to be seen. Anybody still reading these comments?

Really old post, but does anyone else find it offensive to see so many striped shirts worn with a pattern tie? I was always taught to avoid that like the plague. Dan, Oftentimes the dress code for an event is unclear so I find that when in doubt, over dress. I still follow these comments. Pattern on pattern is a no-no for me just because of my look. He works as a fashion editor for GQ. He can wear whatever he wants, including pattern on pattern, and he looks great.

I need to stick to classic, Mad Men style fashion. More men need to get to that point, well done. And I forgot to ask my question…I just notice the rule about ironing the collar. Can anyone elaborate about this? Does Justin mean the creased is too stiff? I work at a very casual workplace, people tend to bend his shirts, and i try to mantain the standard of proper dress for the business. Can I still usimg the tie and the cufflinks under that enviroment or should I start using the jacket, even thought it will be overdressed?

JC, Cufflinks are fine in a casual environment as far as I am concerned. But your co workers may not care for them. Either way, you should wear a jacket if you are wearing cufflinks. I cant tell you how many times ive tried to explain rule 48 to my friends. For the most part I agree with your rules. The belt and shoe matching has relaxed somewhat over the last few years, and white bucks are not badass……..

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